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Polish composer Maciej Paszkiewicz returns with Undermathic for the release of his third studio album ‘Indistinct Face’ on Tympanik Audio. With his previous works ‘Return To Childhood’ (2008) and ’10:10PM’ (2010) receiving extensive critical praise for their lush atmospheres, seductive melodies, accomplished beatworks, and stunning production, ‘Indistinct Face’ moves Undermathic’s signature sound forward to present his most important work to date.

Bold and original in its own right, ‘Indistinct Face’ flows with maturity and refinement, imparting a kaleidoscope of sounds that saturate the listener’s subconscious. Not to be interpreted as mere electronic music, but rather organic music, constructed from hundreds of strange, warm and living sounds. Like a rush of blood to the head, Undermathic unleashes epic waves of lush strings and cordial atmospheres accentuated by seductive melodies and a carefully-balanced tapestry of beats. A daring and significant album that virtually comes alive from the very start and embraces the listener with a contrast of taut yet introspective cinematic soundscapes that stimulate the mind’s eye.

Emotionally-charged and undeniably captivating, Undermathic’s new album ‘Indistinct Face’ is a challenging and memorable aural experience with rewarding results.

Music created, mixed, and mastered by Maciej Paszkiewicz 10.2010-02.2013

Cover photo: Katarzyna & Robert Gauer

Graphic Design: Darek Jakubowski and Robert Gauer

Cover model: Magdalena Grzakowska

Released by Tympanik Audio 2013 ©